Why NJC?

Why should you choose to work with us?

NJC skills rely on years of experience and knowledge developed on field in Japanese professional environment. In addition our services are specialized in start-up and small businesses willing to start activities in Japan. As a result, our offer matches the financial and organizational needs of such firms in order to reduce the operational burden and ultimately spare resources.


Technical expertise

Our consultants are at least master level or equivalent in the fields of fine chemistry or materials. This knowledge is backed by years of experience in public or private companies. The combination of these two factors guarantees a very good understanding of products and technical issues.


Accuracy in exchanges and information delivery is guaranteed by the mastering of both English and Japanese languages by all of our consultants. Documents are also translated if required in ordered to maintain comfortable discussions and communication.

Corporate and cultural etiquette

Our consultants all have a significant experience of several years in social and corporate Japanese environments. The fine understanding of corporate manners and codes are very important to insure a good communication. We guarantee excellent clients follow up and the building up of trust over time.



Local presence

Being based in Tokyo, Japan near Shinjuku, which is one of the biggest railway communication nodes in the world, headquarters of countless Japanese big corporations are at an easy and direct reach. The surroundings prefectures of Chiba, Ibaraki, Gunma, Tochigi, Saitama or Kanagawa, where production facilities and research centres are located are also easily accessible. This local positioning is strong advantage for carrying out a good technical sales follow up.

Local network

Former work partners or classmates, the knowledge of local economy, universities and companies, yearly conferences and industrial events are great opportunities to spread word-of-mouth, multiply people encounters and expend network in a given industrial sector. As a local representant, NJC commits to put at disposal its industrial contacts portfolio but also to be active in the development of a local customized network.



Flexibility and reaction

In world of start-up, SME and product development, disruptive information implying to change the plan are parts of the daily life. As a result, we commit to be flexible and react quickly in case of micro reorganization or objectives correction. In addition, information updating and exchange are insured by frequent phone calls or web conferences.

Fixed costs

Because cash-flow issues are the biggest concern of start-up during the first moments of their existence, NJC commit to fixed costs in order to have a good financial visibility and prevent over-expense.

Clear plans and objectives

The importance of a clear road-map is critical, that is why we emphasize the need to define and quantify precisely the objectives in order to create a clear road-map. As a consequence, we minimize the unexpected appearance probability of a time consuming task which could discourage investors.