Our services

NJC services are proposed at three stages :

Market survey

The market survey is a preliminary step to the effective Japanese market entry. NJC evaluates the market size, the risks and opportunities, identifies competitors and differentiators, proposes a strategic positioning for a potential market entry, identifies distribution networks and means and provides with information related to the regulation of products to be imported.

●Market study (size, SWOT)
●Identification of clients or potential partners
●Identification of competitors
●Differentiation factors study
●Strategic positioning
●Identification of distribution means and networks
●Local regulation and importation costs



The approach is the step following the market survey and consists in meeting with clients for starting discussions. It includes the introduction of the company and its products, the evaluation of their interest and the available options, the legal establishment of the activity framework in Japan (branch, representative office etc… ) and technical sales follow up of the clients.

●Legal establishment of the activity framework
●Approach of clients and potential partners
●Preliminary clients follow up


Follow up

This is an advanced step in the estabilishment of activities in Japan. It can be about following up technical sales with the client until satisfaction and being sure of the sustainability of the relationship. Or it can be about locally taking over an existing long distance business relationship in order to make it more efficient and increase client proximity.

●Technical sales follow up of clients or partners until maturity of the business relationship
●Taking over an existing long distance business relationship