Ludovic Ferrigno – Consultant and founder of Nano Japan Consulting

  • Master graduate of the Chemistry, Physics and Biology Engineer School of Bordeaux, France (2006 ENSCBP “Grande École”).
  • MBA graduate of the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy of Hitotsubashi University of Tokyo, Japan (2015).
  • Inventor (patent #WO2017103640).

I have spent 12 years in scientific research and project management in the fields of photosensitive materials, nano-particles and nano-composites used in applications such as electronics and optics.

Over these 12 years, 5 have been past in a French-Japanese start-up. This experience made me familiar with working in continuously changing conditions requiring flexibility, initiative and reaction.

This is during this time that I have developed a solid experience of the building up of new business relationships between companies. For example, I have initiated a joint research contract between a Japanese companies and a French research Institute associated to the CNRS (standing for Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, the French government research institution) which resulted in a technology transfer and patent registration.

During my career I established over 30 new business relationships with Japanese companies in order to supply researchers with cutting-edge materials such as polymers, nano-particles, nano-pigments, advanced dyes and others.

After obtaining my MBA from the Japanese university of Hitotsubashi, and after a 2 years experience in a Japanese consulting firm, I decided to support business relationships between Europe and Japan by helping to develop scientific collaboration, trade and technological exchanges in the industry of nano-materials and fine chemicals.

I have been continuously living in Japan since 2005, speak French, English and Japanese fluently and I am very familiar with Japanese culture and corporate etiquette. I also relies on my local network in order to create commercial and business opportunities for European start-up.