Our mission

As for the European market, the Japanese nano-materials and fine chemicals markets are the center of numerous investments and of a steady innovation. In these two regions of the world, the industrial history, the political will and the availability of a very qualified workforce give an excellent framework and myriads of opportunities for technological cooperation and economic merger.

The nano-materials and fine chemicals markets are dynamic sectors, paced by technical innovations and which require flexibility and accuracy.

This is in this context that Nano Japan Consulting (NJC) has defined its mission as creating jobs in Europe by supporting the growth of start-up and SME on the one hand, and on the other hand strengthening the Japanese economy and the competitiveness of its companies by making available to them European innovations.

In order to accomplish its mission and to set up such win-win business model, Nano Japan Consulting has three objectives:

  • Assist or take charge of market survey, approach and follow up of potential customers or partners.
  • Make available its local network and its business development experience in Japanese corporate environment.
  • Circulate relevant economic or scientific information unavailable in English.

For this, NJC relies on its technical expertise in the fields of nano-materials and fine chemicals, its industrial and academic local network and on its experience in Japanese corporate environment that have been developed over years. The mastering of the language, the understanding of the corporate etiquette and of the local culture guarantee the development of good and steady relationships between European teams and Japanese clients or partners.