Our logo

The essence of Nano Japan Consulting is visually represented in our logo.

First, let’s pay attention to the clear reference to the Japanese flag, representing a red rising sun on a white background. This is the design that merchants have adopted as their flags at the top of their ships at the XVIIth century for stating their homeland.

Next at the front, a wood bridge representing a simple but direct path leading to this rising sun by going over cultural gap, language difficulties and corporate etiquette complexity.

On the top of it, the initials NJC standing for Nano Japan Consulting written in silver, grey and black gradient representing a vanishing fog.

The whole being inscribed within a circle which symbolize the sense of fellowship and inclusion, but which also refers to the Japanese expression  « 丸です » (« maru desu »), literally signifying « it’s round » but meaning « it’s positive », « great », or « all good ! ».